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Fri, 21/10/2016

The Council is looking at a number of options for a trial highways scheme along Keynsham High Street. No final design has been approved – however a two- way bus route/lane is not an option being considered. Local Keynsham members will help influence the decision on which option for a one–way trial is best for the local community.

Councillor Anthony Clarke (Conservative, Lansdown), Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “The aim is to make the High Street; more attractive, support local businesses, improve the pedestrian environment and improve traffic flow into the town centre. We are committed to ensuring local members have the final say and choose the design that is best for the local community. I can reassure people that a bus contraflow is not on the table.”

The Council will be working with the local members to finalise the design in November to complete the consultation, design and build for the trial to start in April.


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