Your rubbish collection will be changing from 6 November 2017

We have written to all households advising how the change will affect them. Find out more and check your bin allocation by entering your address here

Weekly recycling and rubbish collections are currently provided to all households across the area.

You can find out your collection day by entering your postcode or street name into our Services in Your Area online checker.

What can I recycle?

Remember, every extra tonne of waste needlessly going to landfill means more money needed from local taxpayer's to pay Landfill Tax charges.

There are lots of easy, convenient ways to recycle instead of throwing your waste into the rubbish. Our Recycle more 2017 guide on this page tells you more, but here are the services at a glance.

Rubbish collections

For the waste that you cannot recycle, you must use blacks sacks, dustbins or Council issued re-useable rubbish bags if your street has them. If you use your own dustbin, please do not put loose rubbish in this but use tied black sacks. Please do not use a wheeled bin - our vehicles are not equipped to empty them.

There are some materials that we will not pick-up in your rubbish collection. These are asbestos, DIY rubble, garden waste, hazardous waste, large items and paint. The links provide information on what to do with these instead. 

Re-usable rubbish bag

Photo of reusable rubbish bag

In some streets where homes have little storage and there are problems with birds and animals splitting plastic rubbish sacks and making a mess, we give residents a re-usable rubbish bag to use. If you live in one of these streets you must use this bag to help keep your area cleaner. To find out if your street has been issued with re-usable rubbish bags, please check your address in our online checker.

Please tie up your black plastic sacks you usually use for your rubbish, and place these in the re-usable rubbish bag. If you put loose rubbish in your re-usable rubbish bag  we won’t be able to collect it.  Then put this out for collection on your usual day and at the usual collection place. Take your re-usable rubbish bag back inside as soon as possible after emptying. Guidelines for using your re-usable rubbish bag.

Putting out your recycling and rubbish

  • Put out your recycling and rubbish at the edge of you property closest to the highway between 8pm the night before and 7am on the day of your normal collection day. The later you can leave it the better because the chances of gulls and nocturnal animals ripping open your bags are reduced.
  • Litter bins are provided for the public to dispose of their litter when they are out, please do not use them for household waste as this causes them to become full very quickly. If you do dispose of bags of household waste in litter bins it could lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice or fine being issued. 

  • If your collection is missed or there is any other problem, report it to us online. You can also check any collection problems on our problem notifications page
  • Assisted collections for those people who find it difficult to carry their waste to the edge of their property are available upon application;
  • Need a replacement container? Our online guide explains how to make a request and what to ask for. 

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