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Recycling and rubbish collections on bank holidays

Recycling, food waste, rubbish and garden waste collections take place as usual on all bank holidays (Easter, May and August), except over the Christmas/New Year period. 

Christmas and New Year changes 2017-18

There are NO recycling or rubbish collections on:

  • Christmas day - Monday 25 December 2017
  • Boxing day - Tuesday 26 December 2017
  • New Year's day  - Monday 1 January 2018

Please check your revised collection days by entering your address Services in Your Area or check the collection calendar delivered with your rubbish bin/bag. Your revised date may be a Saturday this year.

All our Recycling Centres are also closed on the above three bank holidays.

Garden waste collections

There are NO garden waste collections from Monday 25 December 2017 to Monday 8 January 2018 inclusive. Garden waste collections start again on Tuesday 9 January 2018 but please check your revised collection date.

Free Christmas tree collections

From 9 to 31 January 2018 we will collect your real Christmas tree for composting, as part of our garden waste collection service. Please:

  • Cut up your tree if it is more than 1.2 meters tall so it will fit in our vehicles
  • Remove the pot and any decorations first
  • Put it at the front edge of your property on your garden waste collection day so that our crews can easily see it. To check which week we collect your garden waste enter your address Services in Your Area

Recycle more and re-use at Christmas

See our Top Tips for a greener Christmas

Severe weather- how to recycle and put out your rubbish

Our crews work hard to maintain usual services during severe weather, but sometimes delays do happen when roads are icy and driving conditions hazardous particularly for large, heavy vehicles.

We don’t take decisions to delay services lightly, but must consider the safety of our crews, pedestrians and other road users.

If severe weather continues for a long period please check our website for updates and our facebook page and and local radio and media. You can also check our Current Collection Problems page.

Christmas and New Year

Over Christmas and New Year we collect lots of extra recycling and rubbish so your collection may be later than usual – up to 5pm. and your revised collection date could be a Saturday. If your rubbish or recycling is not collected on your usual day please leave it out and we will do our best to get to it the following day.  If it is not collected the following day, please check our website.

Please check any planned changes to your collections over the holiday period by inserting your address into Services in Your Area on our website.

  • Rubbish

Put your rubbish out on your normal collection day. If it is not collected please leave it out and our crews will come back for it as soon as they can.

  • Recycling

Put your food waste and recycling out on your normal collection day. If your recycling is not collected by 7pm please take it back in and put it out again on your normal collection day the following week.

  • Garden waste

Put your garden waste out on your normal collection day. If your garden waste is not collected by 7pm please take it back in. Please it out again on your normal fortnightly collection day.


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