23rd July 2018

Service Kerbside Recycling Collections


Hawthorn Road, Writhlington

Sycamore Road, Writhlington

North View, Writhlington

When we will return Tuesday 24th July 2018
Nature of the problem



Further to the continued heat wave we are experiencing and the additional pressure this places on our collection crews working in the heat with the physical aspect of their job the following areas remained uncollected today


Severe weather or problems affecting recycling and rubbish collections

Our crews work hard to maintain usual services during severe weather, but sometimes delays do happen when roads are icy and driving conditions hazardous particularly for large, heavy vehicles. We don’t take decisions to delay services lightly, but must consider the safety of our crews, pedestrians and other road users.

For the latest updates on the Council's waste and recycling services during periods of bad weather please go to the Council's home page.  you can also check our facebook page and twitter as well as local radio and media.

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