The local taxpayer pays a significant amount of money each year for non-Bath and North East Somerset residents to dispose of their waste for free at our Recycling Centres.

Our permit system makes it fairer for local residents because your Council Tax pays to dispose of household recycling and rubbish created in our area, not that of others living in other authorities. As well as helping us save costs, this should also reduce queuing times for you at the centres.

Permit registration

People without permits will not be allowed to use our three Recycling Centres. There are three ways that we will accept to prove your residency and provide you with entry.

  • Possession of an electronic Van Permit that recognises a vehicle license plate upon entry;
  • Possession of an electronic Resident's Permit that recognises a vehicle license plate upon entry;
  • Presentation of a Council Discovery Card.

You can apply online for the Resident's Permit and we will check your locality through our Council Tax records. All you need is your vehicle license plate number. More than one car can be added to an existing permit - there is no need to apply separately for each vehicle.

Note that we do not issue any written confirmation of the electronic Permit.

Anyone moving house or wanting to change/ add cars to their permit can email or contact Council Connect.

If you hire a car or use a Car Club vehicle, the best solution is to register for a Discovery Card

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