There are a wealth of military memorials both in Haycombe and in the closed cemeteries for which Bath and North East Somerset has grounds maintenance responsibilities.                          

Commonwealth War Graves

The Commonwealth War Graves Commision (CWGC) is responsible for  two areas of war graves: Locksbrook Cemetery (World War I) and Haycombe Cemetery (World War II). There are Crosses of Remembrance in addition to rows of individual headstones in both cemeteries. Haycombe is the proud possessor of a tempetio, believed to be one of only two in this country. Sadly, vandalism resulted in the log being removed to the Guildhall for safekeeping .

The records for these and other graves of war interest are kept at Haycombe Cemetery and all enquiries should be directed there.

The CWGC also supplies memorials where war veterans are buried in individual family graves.It regularly monitors maintenance and safety of these memorials and of the grounds maintenance in the war grave sections. Bath and North East Somerset has the contract to maintain these sections to standards set by the CWGC.

The planting around the headstones in the war graves section is similar to that in commonwealth war graves throughout the world. It is intended to give the look of an English country garden. The deer who visit  Haycombe unfortunately find the roses especially tasty.

Requests for interment of cremated remains in this section should be addressed to the CWGC. Usually limited to next of kin only i.e. spouses (and occasionally an only child).


Victoria Cross holders

Details of all the VC holders buried in the older Bath cemeteries prepared by a previous Cemeteries Superintendent is also kept at Haycombe. It is hoped to reproduce this in a leaflet format later this year.  


Blitz graves

The Bath Blitz happened over three nights in May of 1942. There are two rows of communal burials, where each person has a headstone in a similar fashion to the war graves. Bath and North East Somerset plants them and maintains them to as near the standard of the war graves as possible.

There is a memorial plinth dedicated to the memory of those killed on the nights of the blitz. Each Remembrance Day a service is held on the grass between the war graves and the blitz graves at Haycombe in recognition of the fact that both service personnel and civilians gave their lives.

There are two rows separated by a grassed area because it was thought at the time that Bath would not escape so lighlty (relatively) and more bombing was expected. So space was left for the anticipated victims, but fortunately never needed..


Other wars

There is a memorial to the Crimean War in Abbey Cemetery.

Memorials for those who fought in almost every war since Waterloo are to be found in cemeteries or churchyards throughout the area.

It is hoped to produce more information in leaflet form as an ongoing project.


Annual Service of Remembrance 

A Service of Remembrance is held annually on 11th November at Haycombe Cemetery. It is held on the grass beside the Cross of Remembrance  adjacent to both the war graves and the graves of those who died in the blitz. It reminds us that both service personnel and civilians give their lives in war. 

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