Economic & Business Development

The Council's Economic Development service exists to support business growth and development across Bath and North East Somerset.

Our work is informed by the Bath and North East Somerset Economic Strategy and Review (2014-2030). The full document is available to download by clicking on the front cover image below.

Economic Strategy Review

The document gives an overview of the Bath and North East Somerset economy and contains ambitious targets for growth including notably:

  • To achieve a net jobs growth of 11,500 jobs across the Bath area by 2030
  • To achieve improved productivity, average earnings and job sustainability across the Bath area.

Information for businesses

The Council's Economic development team has assembled an online hub to help businesses to find out more about the business community, business support and advice packages, local and sub-regional business networks, premises and development opportunities in Bath and across the District - at

You can also contact us on 01225 394285 or to find out how we can help your business.

Supported by:

Cultural & Creative Strategy 2015-2020

Alongside the Economic Strategy, the Council has published the Cultural & Creative Strategy Review 2015-2020.  The strategy contributes to the delivery of the Economic Strategy, and is overseen by the Cultural & Creative Strategic Advisory Board. 

The Board comprises the key national bodies for the cultural and creative sector, and its role is to advise and support the Council in implementing the strategy. 

The full document is available to download by clicking on the front cover image on the right.

Creative and Cultural strategy front cover image

Cultural & Creative Strategic Advisory Board

The Cultural & Creative Strategic Advisory Board (CCSAB) was set up in October 2015. It contributes to the Cultural & Creative Strategy Review 2015-2020, Aim 10: Financial sustainability & infrastructure, which states:

"Financial sustainability is key for funding bodies who want to be sure that their investment will be of long-term benefit. The B&NES Economic Strategy Review, launched in November 2014, describes the importance of the sector and hence the case for tailored support to sustain it. The Council, despite extreme financial pressure, will wish to enhance the economic and social benefits through continued investment in the sector."

The role and purpose of the Cultural & Creative Strategic Advisory Board is to:

  • Provide ethically-robust, diverse, sustainable governance
  • Support the development of culture and the creative industries
  • Identify strategic priorities and possibilities for investment
  • Facilitate cross-department funding and working within the Council on major projects
  • Implement the Cultural & Creative Strategy and prioritise short and long-term goals, set targets and milestones
  • Work with key cultural organisations, locally, regionally and nationally, to develop transformational projects
  • Identify and facilitate large-scale opportunities e.g. major national and international bids

(Agreed 19.10.15)

The CCSAB members are:

Councillor Paul Myers (Chair) - Cabinet Member for Economic & Community Regeneration, Bath & North East Somerset Council

Ruth Kapadia, Arts Council England – B&NES link officer

Sarah Crown, Arts Council England - Director of Literature and Bristol/SW

Mehjabeen Patrick, Creative England – Chief Operating Officer

Nerys Watts, Heritage Lottery Fund – Head of HLF SW

Lyndsey Swift, Visit England – Head of Partnerships

Paul Appleby, West of England LEP – Creative Sector


Jamie Eastman, University of Bath – Director of Arts 

Professor Anita Taylor, Bath Spa University – Executive Dean, Bath School of Art & Design

Administrative support is provided by the Council’s Economy & Culture Group.

The purpose and remit of the CCSAB was agreed in September 2016. Please find in documents.

Each member organisation is completely independent, with sole control of its own budget and funding or investment schemes. The CCSAB does not have any financial resources and is not a funder of activity or projects. Its role is to provide leadership, challenge and opportunities for collaboration.

The CCSAB meets every 6 months.


  • To support the Local Authority funding process and ensure strategic working between different bodies investing in culture in B&NES.
  • Through a new collaborative Cultural and Creative Bath Partnership, deliver an infrastructure to support the sector, make beneficial connections, and deliver high-quality, up-to-date advice.
  • Develop long term strategies for working across sectors and with a wider variety of funders to increase income.
  • Increase revenue from public engagement, including tourism, using digital technology and high-quality arts marketing.
  • Increase cost-effectiveness through collaboration.
  • Develop touring for our excellent productions and exhibitions.
  • Reposition the sector and support individual organisations for success in the next ACE National Portfolio Organisation funding round (2018).
  • Communicate clearly the contribution of the Council, across departments, to the sector (and the wider benefits of this).

Local Enterprise Partnership

Targets for local growth are programmed into partnership working by both the public and private sectors.  In particular via opportunities created by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership whose priority activities include:

  • The provision of appropriate and modern workspace
  • Inward investment promotion
  • Promotion of business support programmes, including free face-to-face business support and advice
  • Improving access to broadband
  • Education and businesses working together for mutual benefit

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