We offer a pre-application advice service which will help you to make your application correctly and reduce unnecessary delays.  Further information is available at http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/services/business/licences/pre-application-advice

Premises Licence

Photo of champagne glasses clinking

Allows you to sell alcohol by retail, provide regulated entertainment, or provide late night refreshment.

Do I need a premises licence?

How much does a premises licence cost?

How long does a premises licence last for?

How do I apply for a premises licence?

Further information about premises licences

Club Premises Certificate

Photo of a members clubAllows a members club to supply alcohol to club members, provide regulated entertainment, or provide late night refreshment.

Do I need a club certificate?

How much does a club certificate cost?

How long does a club certificate last for?

How do I apply for a club certificate?

Further information about club certificates

Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

Photo of a garden partyAllows licensable activities to take place on a premises that does not have a premises licence.  This is effective on a temporary basis and limits the number and duration of events.

Do I need a TEN?

How much does a TEN cost?

How long does a TEN last for?

How do I apply for a TEN?

Further information about TENs

Personal Licence

Photo of a barman offering a drinkAllows you to supervise the sale of alcohol in any licensed premises - including pubs, off licences, restaurants and hotels.

Do I need a personal licence?

How much does a personal licence cost?

How long does a personal licence last for?

How do I apply for a personal licence?

Further information about personal licences

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