Current Vacancies

  •  Pitch 58 - A39 Layby, Bath Road, Farmborough Location Plan
  • Multiple Pitches - Southgate Place & Brunel Square, Bath Location Plan  - Please note:
        • Southgate Place & Brunel Square - Street Trading Consent will be required from the Council but initially:-
        • Permission will need to be obtained from the agents acting on behalf of the Southgate Precinct - please contact Space and People on 0845 2418215 or email; then once permission is obtained
        • Complete the Street Trading Pitch Request Form on our website in the normal manner.
        • No request for a Street Trading Pitch will be processed without evidence that permission has been obtained from Space and People.

How To Apply

If you wish to apply for a street trading pitch in Bath and North East Somerset, you should:

1.  Carefully consider the Council’s Street Trading Policy.

2.  Carefully consider the Council’s Street Trading Standard Conditions.

3.  Complete the Street Trading Pitch Request Form and submit to us for consideration.  We will then make a decision based on the information you have provided.  If we feel it is appropriate for the location we will contact you to proceed with the application process.  You will then need to pay the required application fee.

Further information can be found on the main street trading page.

Please note that if you intend to sell food, you may need to complete a food registration form.  Further information is available on the Food Safety Team's webpage.

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