The Bath Spring Fayre is taking place in Parade Gardens on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 May.  In order to access the site we will have a traffic management plan in place to allow for the event infrastructure and stall holders to ingress, replenish stock and egress.

Here is the link to the Council’s webpage for information about the event.

The traffic management plan will be in place during the following areas between these times:

Column 1
Column 2
Column 3
Grand Parade
All Bays and yellow lines.
The west side of Grand Parade from its junction with Stall Boat Lane to lamppost 1 Orange Grove in Southerly direction. (No Blue badge concession). 
From 00:01 hours on the 10th May to 19:00 hours 14th of May 2018
Grand Parade East
All bus bays and yellow lines on east side from streetlight No4 to pedestrian crossing at Pierrepont street. (No Blue badge concession).
From 00:01 hours on the 10th May to 19:00 hours 14th of May 2018
Grand Parade West
Suspend whole of taxi rank queuing area on Grand Parade during event build and dismantle for service periods to the area only.
From 00:01 hours on the 10th May to 19:00 hours 14th of May 2018

We will endeavour to keep disruption within this period to a minimum and the table below gives an indication of the times when the traffic management plan will be in operation:





Thursday 10th

Ingress of Event Infrastructure



Friday 11th

Ingress of Stall Holders



Saturday 12th

Food concessions with perishables ingress



Sunday 13th

Replenishment of stock for stall holders and food concessions



Sunday 13th

Egress of stall holders



Monday 14th

Egress of event infrastructure and remaining stall holders – we will aim to finish by lunchtime



The road signs are to be erected four weeks in advance and this will be by Wednesday 11th April.Thank you for your cooperation. 


Passenger Information

A Guide to using Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles 

Taxis with Disabled Access

Taxi Ranks 

Black cab photo

 Disability Sign

Taxi Rank

 Tariffs and Fares


Online Register of Licences 

 Taxi Meter Photo

Thumb Down


Driver/Operator Information

Applying for a Driver's Licence 

Applying for a Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence

Applying for a Private Hire Vehicle Licence

Steering Wheel

Hackney Carriage Roof Sign 

Private Hire Roof Sign 

Applying for an Operator's Licence 

Licence Fees and Charges

Drivers' Knowledge Test - Guidance

 Private Hire Roof Sign Photo

 Invoice Photo

Photo of book and globe

 Committee Procedures

 Drivers' Bulletin Board

Taxi Testing at Locksbrook

Gavel photo


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