Current and Proposed Roadworks

Screenshot of Elgin National Road Report

Elgin Road Report

To view current and proposed roadworks in Bath and North East Somerset visit the Elgin website. Elgin provides a way to view all roadworks in the area.

Free Taxi Receipts for Drivers

Bath & North East Somerset Council is working with the Samaritans to promote their service.  You can help spread the message by using our free taxi receipts.  A leaflet giving more information is available via the following link:

Free NHS Health Checks

The check takes about 20-30 minutes and looks at things such as cholesterol, blood pressure etc. to provide a cardio-vascular risk score.  Advice and support for a healthier lifestyle can then be given to those with a high risk rating.  This offer is available to all taxi drivers, free of charge, on a voluntary basis only.

Taxi Driver Health Survey

Researchers from the University of Bristol’s School for Policy Studies are conducting a new study aimed at improving the lifestyles of Taxi Drivers in the South West.

Dr Simon Sebire and Mr George Thomas are looking for around 100 drivers to complete an ONLINE SURVEY about their work patterns, and their attitudes towards eating healthily and being physically active.  The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete and the first 100 participants will be offered a £10 Love to Shop voucher for completing the survey.

The researchers are also looking for about 15 drivers to be interviewed about developing a new lifestyle project for Taxi drivers in the South West and you can register your interest in this at the end of the online survey.  Participants can complete the survey and choose not to do an interview.

Taxi drivers are a high risk of a number of lifestyle-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes.  The University of Bristol researchers are committed to learning from taxi drivers themselves about how together they could develop a lifestyle programme that would be appealing and effective at improving taxi driver health. Please consider helping if you can.

You can link to the survey here:

Taxi Drivers' Forum


Date of Next Meeting: 25 April 2018 at 10.30 am
Venue:  Odd Down Sports Club - Community Room

Further Information

For further information relating to taxis please see the main taxi page.

To contact the licensing team please email or telephone 01225 477689.

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