Parents are the most important people in their children's lives.  We all know that, as hard as it is positive parenting is the best way to bring out the best in your child right from day one!

However, we can all use a bit of help and guidance at times - this doesn't mean we are 'bad parents', far from it.  It is better to ask for help than try and struggle and juggle.  There is lots of information and support available in our area, from practical help, advice and courses.

The promotion of good parenting is a key priority within local Children's Services.  Being a parent is an important, complex and challenging task and one for which most, if not all, parents and carers struggle with at times.  The recognition that all parents and carers need access to some degree of advice, support or specific help in order to successfully undertake their parenting role was the starting point for the Parenting Strategy 2007-2010.  The Strategy provided the framework to assist all partner agencies who support parents and carers and to parents and carers too, as a committment to the standards of practice that Children's Services work towards - and already achieve in many instances.

Since then, the support for parents has developed, expanded and is now offered by a range of services many of whom have joined together to ensure parents can access information, advice and help when they need it.

Information and Advice

"Being a parent is wonderful, exciting, rewarding and scary....."  local parent

Information and advice is available for parents from many organisations, including:

  • Children's Centres, who can offer support, advice and a range of services for all parents and carers with children under 5.
  • Health Visitors can talk through concerns you may have - contact your GP's surgery
  • Parent Support Advisers, based in schools
  • Southside offer parenting support for parents of children aged 0-11 years.
  • Family Information Online has lots of resources, information and tip sheets full of useful ideas.
  • What to expect, when? A parents' guide - A booklet to help you as find out more about how your child is learning/developing during their first five years, in relation to the EYFS.

Parenting Support Courses

A parenting course offers parents and carers the chance to come together to share ideas and learn new skills to help in the parenting of their children.  B&NES run a range of parenting courses across the area and all the programmes are run by trained facilitators and support parents to build positive relationships with their children, increase their self esteem and encourage better behaviour.

Healthy Families Right from the Start with HENRY:

First Steps Twerton Children's Centre, Woodhouse Road, Bath BA2 1SY

Starting 20th January 2016, for 9 weeks (excluding half term) from 9.30am-12pm

Priority is given to families in the Twerton and Moorlands areas of Bath.

To book a place contact: Sirona Healthy Lifestyle Service HUB on 01225 831852 or Alison Preston 07715 044525

Free snack and childrens group (creche) provided.

Keynsham Children's Centre, West View Road, Keynsham BS31 2UE

Starting 18th January 2016, for 9 weeks (excluding half term) from 12pm-2.30pm

To book a place contact: Sirona Healthy Lifestyle Service HUB on 01225 831852 or Laura Gunn 07715 043981

Free light lunch and childrens group (creche) provided.  

For more information:  HENRY 

Family Focus (including Incredible Years Parenting Course)

Starting in September 2015 there will be a rolling programme at the following Children's Centres: Keynsham Children's Centre - 01225 395400, Radstock Children's Centre - 01225 396660 and Parkside Children's Centre - 01225 396662 for more information.

Parenting Groups (for children of all ages)

The Family Intervention Team run parenting groups:

Tuesdays 10am - 12.30pm at 117 Newbridge Hill, Bath, BA13PT
Fridays 9.30 – 12pm at Keynsham Children’s Centre, 65 Westview Road, Keynsham, BS31 2UE
Please contact: 01225 421686 for more information. 

B&NES has a duty to provide support for parents.  How we deliver this is outlined in the Parenting Strategy.


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