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Core Strategy

Bath & North East Somerset Council has a Draft Core Strategy, the key overarching document setting out the long-term planning framework for the district.  Tackling climate change is a key priority for the Draft Core Strategy, and in chapter 6 it introduces new district wide policies covering a number of environmental sustainability issues which need to be addressed in order to implement the vision and spatial objectives:

View the Draft Core Strategy  (follow the link and download from Related Documents section of that page).  The following page references highlight the key environmental sustainability issues within the document:

  • Retrofitting Existing Buildings (including historic and traditional buildings) - Chapter 6; page 106
  • Sustainable Construction - Chapter 6; page 107
  • Renewable Energy - Chapter 6; page 108
  • District Heating - Chapter 6; page 110
  • Flood Risk Management - Chapter 6; page 113

Sustainable Construction and Retrofitting supplementary planning document (SPD)

The draft Sustainable Construction and Retrofitting Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) accompanies the Council’s Core Strategy policies CP1 and CP2.  It is a guide for small developers, proposing less than 10 dwellings and home owners on how to build and retrofit homes sustainably to reduce energy consumption and fuel bills. It also has guidance on how to sensitively retrofit listed buildings.

Further information

Further information about planning and sustainability can be found at the following links:

  • Planning home page
    Links to all of Planning's services and information, helping you decide whether you will need planning permission for your energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy installation.
  • Building regulations
    Building regulations apply when making structural improvements to your building, and you will normally require approval if you are planning to fit a solar panel or wind turbine to your property.  Building Control provide information and advice about the building regulation process. 
  • Sustainable construction checklist This checklist is designed to encourage sustainable building practices and must be submitted alongside all planning applications
  • Urban design
    Urban design is concerned with how places look and work, the relationship between buildings and spaces and about how people use them. The Urban Design Team reviews the sustainable construction proposals for major planning applications and assists in the formulation of sustainable construction policy.
  • English Heritage
    If you live in a historic and listed building, the English Heritage website provides practical advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home in ways sympathetic to its historic character. The Whole Home Energy Toolkit helps you to choose the right energy saving options for your home.

Domestic renewable energy

If you are installing renewable energy technology into your home, the following information should be considered:

View more information about renewable energy on these webpages.



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