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  • Time and Energy?
  • Experience of looking after children?
  • Patience and a sense of humour?
  • Willingness to work with professionals?
  • Are you resourceful and resilient?
  • Do you have a spare bedroom?

Then you could be a foster carer

“Fostering gives our life a purpose. We really enjoy looking after children and all the activities that go with it.”

Do you want to change a child/young person’s life for the better while working from home? Well as a Foster Carer you can. You will work as part of a professional team and receive excellent training and support, as well as a competitive allowance and multiple discounts.

There are approximately 139 children in foster care in Bath and North East Somerset but there are currently not enough approved foster carers and Family Link carers to look after them. We are looking for carers who can offer placements that range from respite to long-term in all age groups.

People with a variety of life experience and backgrounds become successful foster carers; it is not determined by marital status or employment status, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation. You do not need your own home to become a foster carer, but you will need to be in stable housing with a spare bedroom. 

To be considered as a Foster Carer you will need to meet the following criteria:

      • Be over the age of 21
      • Have a spare bedroom
      • Be dedicated to your training
      • Be able to work with the team involved in caring for the child/young person
      • Need flexible working hours/ a supportive employer or are available full time
      • If you have a partner you will need to demonstrate that you have a strong relationship and can provide a positive environment  

Experience of working with and caring for children and young people is preferable. There are many experiences of caring for children which you may have as a parent, child carer, babysitter, social worker, youth worker, support worker, counsellor, teacher, teaching aid, nurse, doctor…
Fostering can involve:

      • Welcoming a child/young person into your home.
      • Giving daily care to a child/young person to meet their emotional, physical and social needs.
      • Setting boundaries for children.
        Helping with their education be encouraging them and assisting with school work when help is needed.
      • Working with professionals to ensure that care plans are followed successfully.
      • Helping the child/young person to celebrate their ethnicity, culture and religion , supporting any celebrations or festivals.
      • Understand the child’s contact with parents and respecting their involvement in the child’s life.

Support for you

As a foster carer with Bath and North East Somerset Council you will receive a wide range of support:

      • An in depth preparation course and assessment with a supervising social worker to help decide what kind  of fostering is best suited to you
      • Regular training in a wide range of areas such as child development, attachment or behaviour management
      • Lots of support, including from your own supervising social worker who will visit you regularly, other foster carers, health, CAMHS and education specialists
      • Telephone support out of office hours

“B&NES provide excellent training and meet all the needs a foster carer requires”

You will also receive financial remuneration as a carer:

      • A weekly allowance to cover the cost of caring for a child , depending on the type of fostering, between £143 and £421.68  per week per child
      • Additional sums and some expenses for undertaking specific fostering tasks

You will also benefit from:

Discounts: there are a range of discounts available to foster cares supplied by venues in Bath when you show your B&NES ID card

R2K: carers. R2K offers periods of respite and support for Bath & North East Somerset foster carers by providing a variety of group activities and events throughout the year for the children in their care; day and overnight trips during the school holidays as well as week-long summer holidays. Individual work can also be considered for specific young people – who either cannot manage group settings or when specific carers need additional support.

      • Zoo pass: we have zoo pass that carers can book out which gives free entry to 4 adults and 4 children.
      • Membership to Scrapstore Bristol: which gives access to low cost creative resources and 20% discount when shopping in Artrageous
      • Sports Access Scheme: this is available to both children in care and children of foster carers and gives them access to Better leisure centres in B&NES

Want to find out more?

Go to our Adoption and Fostering page now. Or call us on 01225 394949 or email

Children need families. Can you help ? Start your Fostering Career today

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