All our services operate to Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Customer Care Standards. This means that customers are given a consistent level of service across the entire Council, however they choose to contact us.

Additional standards for the Bath and North East Somerset Library Service:

  • 10% of the library lending book stock each year will be newly purchased stock and we will ensure we maintain a stock that reflects the needs of Bath and North East Somerset.
  • We aim to supply 77% of requested items within 15 days.
  • We will carry out at least one customer satisfaction survey each year and publicise the results.
  • All libraries (except mobile libraries) will provide computer access for the public with relevant software. The network will be functioning with a reasonable response time and will be in service 99% of the time that we are open.

We want to know what you think about the service we provide you

We use various means to survey our customers. We welcome and invite regular feedback on our service standards to ensure we regularly review our service delivery and performance. Where possible we will display customer’s comments, including our responses, which will be located at each Library.

You can send us feedback on our service and standards now, by using the online feedback form. Alternatively you can complete a Comments & Suggestions form at any Library.

What we expect from our customers:

We expect our customers to be courteous and polite to all our staff. Where necessary we will take action to prevent any threat to staff. In some instances we may restrict or withhold services.

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