At the meeting of Full Council on the 16 July 2015 Bath & North East Somerset Council agreed to establish a new Bath City Forum. 

Key positions and people involved with Bath City Forum. The Chair and Vice Chair were appointed at the AGM that took place 13 September 2016.

B&NES Sponsor B&NES Lead Officers Forum Chair (Councillor) Forum Vice Chairs (Co-optee)  
Ashley Ayre Dave Dixon and Mark Hayward  Cllr Bob Goodman Rosie Phillips

The forum are pleased to welcome three new co-opted members who will be joining the forum for an initial two year period from 29 March 2017. The new memers are Virginia Williamson, Alaa Al Khourdajie and Leslie Redwood.

The next meeting of the forum will take place in the Banquetting Room - The Guildhall, Bath BA15AW on 23 May 2017 (5.15-8pm). Agendas and Minutes for meetings are published through this link

Click Here for the Bath City Forum Terms of Reference - April 2016

Full details for forum meetings can be found through this link  

The Bath Area Profile webpage is now available which provides detailed information about the City of Bath. 

The membership for the forum is to be made up thirteen co-opted members, twelve cross party ward Councillors from Bath and one B&NES Council cabinet member:

You are able to view pictures and profiles of Forum Members through this link.

Patrick Anketell-Jones - Cabinet Member
Rob Appleyard – Liberal Democrat

Colin Blackburn - Independent

Jeremy Boss - Co-opted Member

Dine Romero  – Liberal Democrat

Fiona Darey - Conservative

Andy Furse – Liberal Democrat

Bob Goodman - Conservative

Sally Harris - Co-opted Member

Michael Hill - Co-opted Member

Matt Humberstone - Co-opted Member

Caroline Kay - Co-opted Member

Alaa Al Khourdajie - Co-opted Member

Robin Kerr - Co-opted Member

Penny McKissock - Co-opted Member

Shaun Stephenson-McGall – Liberal Democrat

Michael Norton -Conservative

Lin Patterson - Green

Chris Pearce - Conservative

Rosie Phillips - Co-opted Member

Leslie Redwood - Co-opted Member

Joe Rayment - Labour

Dr Christopher Roche - Co-opted Member

George Samios - Co-opted Member

Peter Turner - Conservative

Virginia Williamson - Co-opted Member




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