Pre-application advice

Find out more about the pre-application advice service offered by the council.

Submit a planning application online or by post 

Most planning applications are now submitted online. You can apply online using the Planning Portal website (external link).  You can complete the application form, attach supporting documents and pay fees on-line, saving you the cost of printing and postage.

Alternatively, you can submit an application in the post by selecting the relevant downloadable forms from a list of application types. These forms are available as PDF documents to print off and to complete in writing before sending by post to Planning Services, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JG.  Please note that Dropbox and other related products/services are currently blocked by the council because they are assessed as an information security risk.  Applications and associated documents can be submitted electronically via the Planning Portal.

What do I need to submit? 

Information on what to submit can be found on the Standard requirements for all applications web page. Please also consult the Validation Checklists - these can be found on the Downloadable Forms and Checklists web page for each application type.  It is important to note that the Validation Checklists list the documents required to accompany planning applications before they are validated. If you do not send all the required information we need, your application will be deemed invalid.

We encourage developers/applicants to seek pre-application advice with officers to identify any potential issues prior to formal submission.  View further information on the provision of pre-application advice.

Prior to making a major planning application (>10 dwellings / 1,000m2 floor space) you are encouraged to use the ‘Development Team’ pre-application approach (Please contact Development Management on 01225 394041), who will provide advance guidance on the range of supporting documents required to accompany your planning application.

Tips to ensure the smooth processing of your online application

  • Attach all drawings as PDF (Portable Document Format) files 
  • Photographs can be JPEG file format
  • No individual file should be larger than 5Mb
  • Please send unsigned versions of reports and covering letters and in particular remove signatures from individual report pages
  • File names should reflect the content with a clear description of the plan or document
  • Ensure that all drawings include the print (paper) size; the relevant scale at that print size (e.g. 1:100 etc) - Please read our Best Practice Guide for further information on drawing standards.
  • Preferable drawing sizes are A3 or A4
  • Drawings should be correctly oriented on page
  • For major applications submitted online, complete the form online and post/deliver a minimum of 2 sets of all the application documentation to Planning Services. Extra copies may be requested for certain applications. In addition, copies of the application documentation should be supplied on CD disc to enable electronic processing. No individual file should be larger than 5Mb.
  • Applicants can consider using a planning agent to assist them with their application.  View a published list of accredited agents.

PLEASE NOTE: Information provided on the application form and accompanying drawings and documents will be made available on the internet.

Any planning applications approved after April 6th 2015 may be subject to a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) tariff.  View CIL information and guidance.

Information on the application process

Useful information regarding the application process can be found on the Planning Portal website (external link). Please also have a look at our own frequently asked questions webpage.  Please note if the application has been submitted electronically, it will be treated as having been delivered at 9.00am on the next working day after it was transmitted.

Role of Parish and Town Councils

Parish and Town Councils have an important role in the planning process. Parish and Town Councils provide a local perspective and make comments on applications within a local context and with the benefit of a considerable amount of local knowledge and input from their Parishioners. They are notified of every application that is submitted within their area.  The views of Parish and Town Councils are reported, considered and responded to in each application report.  Parish and Town Councils can also attend Planning Committee meetings to speak on applications within their area.   Once, a decision has been made by Bath & North East Somerset Council, a copy of the decision notice is made available to the Parish or Town Council.  View a list of all Parish/Town Councils and their contact details.

Building Regulations 

New building work will often need to comply with the Building Regulations. These prescribe minimum standards for health and safety. The Central Government website also provides advice on Building Regulations. If you would like further advice, please contact Building Control.

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