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Last updated: 18th January 2018

1. News

18th January 2018: A Draft of the Local Development Scheme (LDS) 2017-2020 has been published.  The revised LDS timetable is available here

2. Introduction

Legislation under the Planning and Compensation Act 2004 changed the system of Development Plans and their preparation.  Under this planning system Structure Plans and Local Plans were replaced by a portfolio of planning documents called the Local Development Framework.  

Local Development Frameworks (LDFs) comprise various local planning policy documents. These are:

  • Development Plan Documents that have been subject to independent examination and have the weight of development plan status as defined by Section 38(6) of the Act;
  • Supplementary Planning Documents, which are not subject to independent examination and do not have development plan status.  However, they will be subject to rigorous procedures of community involvement and sustainability appraisal and can constitute a material consideration in respect of decision-making.

For further information the National Planning Portal's visual guide to Local Development Frameworks introduces and explains the importance and role of each Development Plan Document.

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3. Local Development Framework: Updates

The table below gives dates for the most recent LDF consultations.  Further information is available on this page (please click the relevant link in the table or scroll down).  Details of the current planning policy framework for Bath & North East Somerset Council is available via this link.



Date (subject to change)

Development Plan Documents (DPDs)  

Travellers Site Allocations

Consultation on alternative and preferred sites

23rd May to 5:00 pm, 20th July 2012

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)  

Sustainable Construction and Retrofitting SPD

Publication of revised set of site options for consultation

April/May 2017

World Heritage Setting

Consultation on the draft document

28th May to 6th July 2012

Manuals and Schedules  


Neighbourhood Planning Protocol

Consultation on the draft document

29th March to 10th May 2012

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Charging Schedule Implemented

6th April 2015

Other Documents  

Green Infrastructure

Consultation on the draft document

23rd April to 18th May 2012

The Local Development Scheme 2016 - 2019 gives further information on the programme for preparation of documents (DPDs and SPDs) in the Bath & North East Somerset Local Development Framework. 

To receive updates of the progress of the LDF please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

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4. Development Plan Documents (DPDs)

Adopted LDF Development Plan Document: Joint Waste Core Strategy

Development Plan Documents (DPDs) which Bath & North East Somerset Council will be producing (2007-2010) are as follows:

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5. Supplementary Plan Documents (SPDs)

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) adopted by Bath & North East Somerset Council are available by clicking here. Please see the Local Development Scheme for details on SPDs that are planned to be produced.

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6. LDF Documents

  • Local Development Scheme 2017 - 2020: The LDS sets out the programme for preparation of documents (DPDs and SPDs) in the Bath & North East Somerset Local Development Framework.
  • Authority's Monitoring Report: Sets out progress in terms of producing local development documents and implementing policies.
  • Neighbourhood Planning Protocol: In response to of the Localism Act, the Council has agreed the preparation of a new Neighbourhood Planning Protocol. 
  • Statement of Community Involvement: This document specifies how members of the community can get involved in the preparation of local planning policy documents and in the consideration of planning applications in Bath & North East Somerset. The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) was adopted by the Council in October 2007. An Addendum to SCI the was approved March 2009.
  • Sustainability Appraisal: Local planning authorities must undertake Sustainability Appraisals (incorporating the requirements of the SEA Directive) throughout the preparation process of DPDs and SPD.  These can be found with the associated DPD or SPD.

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7. Evidence Base

The Bath & North East Somerset Local Development Framework (LDF) incorporating the Core Strategy and relevant content from the associated Regeneration Delivery Plans (RDPs) will have major effects on the District. It is therefore essential that the policy framework is based on a robust evidence base. A number of topic based studies have been undertaken and others are in preparation. Also included within the evidence base is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).

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