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The most recent edition of the Council's Allotmenteer Newsletter (April 2017) can be found under the heading 'Documents'. There is lots of useful and important information plus a list of events that you may be interested in this year.

Do you want to participate in an exciting research project that will estimate the contribution people who grow their own fruit and vegetable crops are making to UK national food production? The National Allotment Society is supporting the research team at the University of Sheffield who are working with members of the public growing food in allotments, gardens and other own-growing spaces across the UK to understand the yield of typical UK fruit and vegetable crops.


  • Surgery-sessions are designated days for current tenants to give feedback about their plot to an Officer of the Council. The next Surgery-Sessions will be held on: Thursday 29th June and Thursday 26th October. To make an appointment please contact the Allotments Department, either by email: Allotments@Bathnes.gov.uk or by telephoning: 01225 394041.
  • B&NES Allotment Association will be hosting the Mikron Theatre on Bloomfield Road Allotments on Saturday 22nd July 2017 at 1pm. All welcome. Free.

Why rent an allotment?

An allotment can provide fresh fruit and vegetables, a healthy outdoor life, and a place to relax. For more information please read Why cultivate an allotment? 

Allotment-gardening can be hard work and we recommend you refer to the Rules & Guidance 2014 document for advice on how to maintain the plot in accordance with the Tenancy Conditions.

Allotments in Bath

The Council is responsible for 23 sites in Bath. Outside of the city boundary, responsibility for allotments lies with other local bodies such as Parish Councils. If you live outside the city of Bath please contact your Parish Council directly. Please be aware that priority is given to those living locally.

News Flash: Plots available immediately to new tenants at: Fairfield Park, Larkhall, Monksdale Road and Moorfields Road Allotment Sites.

Map of Council allotment sites

How do I apply for an allotment in the city of Bath?

We aim to reduce the carbon footprint by promoting the use of local allotments, so you must only apply for a plot at the site(s) nearest your home address.

You may select up to two sites, and in order to identify those nearest you can click on My Nearest and follow instructions there.

A plot further afield will only be allocated if there is a very strong justification for it.

Once you have selected your nearest site(s), you should complete this application form.

To check on the progress of your application you can email allotments@bathnes.gov.uk or phone 01225 394041.

What happens next?

When you have reached the top of the waiting list for a chosen site, we will contact you and give you details of the next vacant plot. Please ensure that you provide adequate contact details, as if we do not receive any response you are liable be removed from the waiting list.

Once we have processed your tenancy agreement, cultivation can commence and a letter requesting payment of rent will be sent to you.

Waiting time estimates (last updated June 2017) 

Abbey View Abbey View Gardens, Bath 61 1+ years
Avon Park Avon Park, Bath 11 1+ years
Bloomfield Road Bloomfield Road, Bath 151 6+ months
Brookfield Park Eastfield Avenue, Bath 11 1+ years
Canal Gardens Lime Grove Gardens, Bath 44 1+ years
Claremont Road Claremont Road, Bath 50 1+ years
Combe Down Church Road, Bath 64 1+ years
Corston View Odd Down, Bath 18 1+ years
Eastfield Avenue Eastfield Avenue, Bath 22 1+ years
Fairfield Park Charlcombe View Road, Bath 53 1+ years
Foxhill Combe Down, Bath 10 1+ years

Hampton Row
(organic site)

Bathwick, Bath 11 4+ years
High Common Sion Hill, Bath 35 1+ years
King Georges Road Lansdown View, Bath 8 1+ years
Larkhall Charlcombe Lane, Bath 96 0+ months
Lower Common East Upper Bristol Road, Bath 141 6+ months
Lower Common West (organic site) Upper Bristol Road, Bath 56 1+ years
Lyncombe Hill Farm Alexandra Park, Bath 51 1+ years
Lyncombe Vale Lyncombe Vale Road, Bath 11 1+ years
Mendip Gardens Banwell Road, Bath 15 1+ years
Monksdale Road Monksdale Road, Bath 136

0+ months

Moorfields Road Moorfields Road, Bath 34 0+ months
Ring Common Cow Lane, Bath 72 1+ years

How much does an allotment plot cost to rent?

Rent prices vary according to plot size. As of September 2016 the annual rent for a plot is £7.94 per 25 square metres, plus a flat charge of £9 for water (not applicable to plots at Lyncombe Vale which has a stream rather than piped water).

As of September 2017 the rent per 25 square metres will increase to £8.02.

Please note, the size of a plot is measured from the centre of the path and around the plot. It is NOT just the digging area.

How can I pay for my allotment charges?

Payments can be made online, by cheque in the post, in person at any of our One Stop Shops, by telephone, or using online banking. Full details will be given on any letter requesting payment.

A £10 refundable deposit needs to be paid in order to obtain an access key for your allotment site. This can be done at the One Stop Shop at 3-4 Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JQ. Please bring photographic identification such as a current passport or driver's licence, as well as the letter you received offering you a plot. The One Stop Shop is open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8.30am - 5.00pm; Wednesday 9.30am - 5.00pm; and Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm.

Do you offer a discount on allotment rent charges?

Currently, a discount of 50% is available to those in receipt of any of the following benefits:

  • Council Tax Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Attendance Allowance 
  • Working Tax Credit 
  • Income Support 
  • Job Seekers Allowance 
  • Employment Support Allowance 
  • Guaranteed Pension Credit

Proof of entitlement must be shown before the 1st of September each year in order for the discount to be applied.

Helpful Information

Site Security

Most sites have locked gates. Tenants are issued with a key, upon payment of a refundable £10 deposit.

Water Supply

All allotment sites have piped water, except for Lyncombe Vale where there is a stream.

Hosepipes and sprinklers are not allowed to be connected to the mains water supply on the site. The water supply is turned off form November to March each year. We would recommend harvesting a water supply, by using a water butt for example.

Individual Plot Inspection

Individual plots are inspected during the main growing season: April - November, to ensure that plots are being cultivated in accordance to the Tenancy Conditions which includes the Rules & Guidance 2014.  We would expect 25% of your plot to be cultivated after 3 months, 50% after 6 months, and 75% after 12 months; and the rest free from weeds and long grass. We appreciate that Allotment -gardening is hard work and we encourage you to refer to your Tenancy Agreement and Rules & Guidance document for further information and advice. Enforcement action may be taken against Tenants that do not maintain their plot in a sufficient state of cultivation. Please also see A beginner's guide to allotments for advice on how to maintain your plot.

Grounds Maintenance

The Council is responsible for cutting the grass on the main arterial pathway only. It is the responsibility of all plot holders to maintain (in terms of preserving the width and up-keep) of shared pathways for half of the path closest to their plot and the neighbouring plot. Please refer to the Rules & Guidance for further information.

Site Reps

The majority of Council-maintained allotment sites have a Site Representative (Site Rep) who is a member of the B&NES Allotment Association (or in the case of High Common allotment site there are two site reps: one belonging to B&NES AA and the other to BHCAA). Site Rep's collate information about the Allotment Site and liaise directly with the Council. If you have a problem or concern or matter relating to the allotment site as opposed to your individual plot - please contact your Site Rep (their details can be found on the Site Noticeboard). The following allotment sites do not have a Site Rep: Avon Park, Brookfield Park, Combe Down, King Georges Road, Lyncombe Vale and Moorfields Road; in this case please contact the Allotment Association directly: info@banes-allotments.org.uk

Allotment Association

Tenants are encouraged to join B&NES Allotment Association, a user group recognised by the Council. The Association is independent and run by plot-holders. It engages with the Council regarding day-to-day issues concerning the plots of its members plots, and on the provision of allotments in general.

Membership costs £6.50 per year, which includes public liability insurance of up to £5 million, discounted prices on seed purchases, discounts at garden centres, and cheap prices at the Association's Trading Hut.

If you wish to join or learn more, please follow the link to B&NES Allotment Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions when applying for a plot

1.1 What is my position on the waiting list?

1.2 Can I choose my allotment plot?

1.3 How long is the waiting list?

1.4 Can I put my name on the waiting list for an allotment plot?

1.5 Did you receive my allotment tenancy agreement?

1.6 How can I give you my up to date contact details?

1.7 Can I decline the allotment offer you sent me but remain on the waiting list for another offer?

1.8 The 10 day response time to accept the allotment offer has gone as I have been away. Can I still accept the allotment offer?

1.9 How old do I have to be to have an allotment?

Questions when an existing tenant

2.1 Can I pay my allotment rental charges online?

2.2 Has the payment of my rental invoice been received?

2.3 Where can I pick up an allotment key?

2.4 Can I have a shed/greenhouse/fruit tree or chickens on my allotment?

2.5 Can I have my allotment plot strimmed and cleared of debris?

2.6 I am struggling with the size of my plot. Can it be split?

2.7 Can I have a bonfire on my plot?

2.8 How much time do I need to spend on an allotment?

2.9 What does a well cultivated plot look like?

2.10  I have suffered from theft or damage on my plot, what should I do?

2.11 I want to give up my plot, who do I contact?

Answers to questions when applying for a plot

1.1 In order to check your position on the waiting list, please email allotments@bathnes.gov.uk. We aim to get back to you within 5 working days.

1.2 When applying, you may choose upto 2 allotment sites nearest your home address. When you reach the top of the list, you will be offered a plot. You are able to decline upto 3 offers after which you will removed from the waiting list. If you are after a specific plot, this must be recorded on the initial application. You will only be notified when it becomes available.

1.3 This information is specific to each site. An approximate waiting time is given on the table Bath city allotments - allotment vacancy data

1.4 Yes. You will need to complete a waiting list application form, which can be found near the top of this page.

1.5 If you have provided your email address, we will inform you by email once the documents have been received and processed. If you do not have an email account, you will need to enclose a stamped address envelope with your documents. If you have not heard from us within 14 days of returning the agreement, then please contact us to check before starting work on your plot.

1.6 Please let us know by contacting us on Tel: 01225 39 40 41 or email allotments@bathnes.gov.uk. You may also write to us at Parks and Green Spaces, Bath and North East Somerset Council, 1st Floor Lewis House, 3-4 Manvers Street, Bath,BA1 1JG.

1.7 Yes, please email allotments@bathnes.gov.uk stating the reason why it is unsuitable. Or you may return the reply slip provided, to: Parks and Green Spaces, Bath and North East Somerset Council, 1st Floor Lewis House, 3-4- Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG. Please note that you will receive up to a total of 3 offers. 

1.8 Please contact us to see if the plot is still open to you by emailing allotments@bathnes.gov.uk or phoning 01225 39 40 41. If it is still open then we can still offer it to you, if not we will reinstate you to your former position on the waiting list and offer you the next available plot. Please note that simply ignoring an offer letter will result in your removal from the waiting list.

1.9 To be eligible for an allotment, you must be 18 years old.

Answers to questions when an existing tenant

2.1 Yes. Please refer to the letter requesting payment for details.

2.2 If you are concerned that your payment has not been received, we would kindly request that you check your bank statement in the first instance. If we do not receive payment, then a reminder is issued after approximately 4 weeks from the date of the invoice. If you are concerned that payment has not been received after this time, please contact us on 01225 39 40 41or email allotments@bathnes.gov.uk so that we can make further enquiries.

2.3 Keys can be collected from the One Stop Shop at 3-4 Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JQ. Please bring photographic identification such as a current passport or driver's licence, and the letter offering you a plot. The One Stop Shop is open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8.30am -5.00pm; Wednesday 9.30am - 5.00pm; and Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm.

2.4 With written permission from the Council, tenants are allowed to erect a shed or greenhouse on the plot. Consideration will be given to the size of the structure, the maximum size being approximately 1.8 x 1.2 metres. Written permission is also required for fruit trees or animals. If you have a request, please contact us by email allotments@bathnes.gov.uk or write to us at Parks and Green Spaces, Bath and North East Somerset Council, 1st Floor Lewis House, 3-4 Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG. We will respond to your request within 14 days.

2.5 The Council does not offer a strimming or plot clearance service (i.e. clearance of weeds, debris and or any waste) to Tenants. Tenants would need to either clear the plot themselves, or find someone to do this for them. 

2.6 Please let us know if you wish your site to be split by phoning 01225 39 40 41 or by email at allotments@bathnes.gov.uk. Any changes will be confirmed by the issue of a new tenancy agreement.

2.7 Although you are allowed to have a bonfire, we would recommend that you recycle as much as possible. It is an offence to cause a smoke nuisance, and you maybe prosecuted if you do so. For further details about bonfires, please see the document Bonfire Guidelines.

2.8 In order to maintain your plot adequately, you will need to spend at least 5 to 10 hours a week working on it. For further help and guidance on starting an allotment, please see the document A beginner's guide to allotments.

2.9 If you are able to achieve the aims set out within A beginner's guide to allotments, you will be well on your way to achieving a well kept allotment. Please also refer to the conditions set out within your Tenancy Agreement, and your Rules & Guidance document.

2.10 Should you be unfortunate enough to be a victim of crime, then you should report it to the police on the telephone number 101. We would recommend that you ask for a crime reference number.

2.11 If you want to give up your plot, you should contact the Allotments department. Telephone: 01225 396386 or email: allotments@bathnes.gov.uk. You need to give the Officer the following information: Your Full Name, Your Address and Postcode, your Telephone number, The name of the Allotment site and your Plot Number.

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