Achievements for 2016

  • The circular walk around the River Chew in the Dapps Hill area of the park was completed, thereby providing a continuous all-weather surface for visitors in this section of the park, including the outdoor gym.  The pathway will benefit many park visitors e.g. mobility scooter users, parents with buggies and walkers
  • Keynsham Memorial Park supported Keynsham to achieve a Gold award in the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) South West In Bloom competition
  • Keynsham Memorial Park won a RHS Pride of Parks Award in 2016 in collaboration with Keynsham In Bloom
  • The planting along the riverside walk between Bath Hill and the Bandstand was renovated to allow better visual surveillance and connection to the north side of the park
  •  Connection was made with the ‘Green Team’ at the local Wellsway school and pupils are carrying out research on the park’s trees
  • B&NES supported Keynsham Town Council and the Music Festival once again, in hosting many successful Sunday concerts plus the Keynsham Music Festival which has grown to become one of the biggest free festivals in the South West
  • B&NES supported the local Festival for Nature which held events in Bristol, Keynsham and Bath.   The Keynsham event was held in the park and the Parks Team ran a stall with a children’s activity and took the opportunity to  explain the various works the Parks Team undertakes in managing the site
  • The Heart of Grass – grown in support of the Love Parks campaign by Keep Britain Tidy – has become well established and can now be seen clearly on the hill from the Bandstand

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