At Bath & North East Somerset we value our customers and their feedback so we closely monitor all the compliments, comments and complaints that we receive and use the information gained to improve the services that we provide.

As part of these improvements we provide feedback to our customers on issues that have been identified as a result of the complaints received. We will highlight any service improvements that have taken place, or provide further information to clarify any issues that may have arisen as a result of any policy or legislative changes.

The last quarterly report is available for you to download below:

Quarterly customer feedback summary Jul - Sept 2016 (PDF 517KB)

If you would like this report in a different format, please contact us. Previous quarterly reports are also available at the bottom of this page.

This report gives a corporate overview of the customer feedback that has been received and responded to in the past quarter, and notes any key actions or considerations that have resulted from a high level review.

Our Service Teams, responsible for specific services delivered by the Local Authority, handle their own customers' feedback cases and provide quarterly updates on trends, issues or changes that the service is undertaking as a direct or partial result of the feedback they have received. Some of the key outcomes of that feedback are detailed below, and in the “You said / We did…” section of the quarterly summary report, compiled directly from the Customer Feedback Officers (CFOs) responsible for each service area.

Service Trends / recurring themes You said... We did...
Legal & Democratic Services

Feedback received during this quarter related to the voting process

Highways & Traffic

Complaints about roadwork schemes and traffic management

Neighbourhood Environment (Waste Services) 

Missed collections

You don't agree with our policy of not returning for missed waste.

We issued a “Make sure” note to crew for next collection - if problem continues the crew put on a supervisor monitor.

You don't return my garden waste bin back to the edge of my property after collection.

We issued a “Make sure” note to the crews and some crews put on a supervisor monitor.

Staff at Bath recycling centre are helpful.

We passed your compliment on to the staff.

Neighbourhood Environment (Recycling) 

Missed collections

Neighbourhood Environment (Cleansing) 

Weed removal and street cleansing There aren't enough street cleaners seen in outer areas of Bath.

Street Cleansing is on a two week rota and this has been under review and routes changed to tackle problem areas. Residents advised to report any hotspot areas so that cleansing team can concentrate on this on their next visit.

Issues with litter and long grass on central reservations are not being addressed.

Traffic management systems have to be put in place before this work can be completed to ensure the safety of the staff. Cleansing are working with the parks team and highways agency to speed these processes up.

Parks & Green Spaces Hedges and brambles over-growing on public footpaths and on road-side verges/hedges The Council doesn't inform customers about what it's doing.

There is currently information on the webpages for the public to view explaining what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Is it necessary for you to take enforcement action?

We are taking a proactive stance using publicity as well as enforcement, which is on occasion necessary, to obtain compliance with legislation.


It can be frustrating when you travel to central Bath and want to park in a car park. Roads are often busy, particularly around Southgate. Car parks may be very busy or full on arrival, meaning delay for you finding an alternative.

We provided information about parking options including Park and Ride sites. Park and Ride services are the easiest way to travel into Bath by car. You can park at the site for free and pay on the bus to your destination.

We understand there are times when Park and Ride may not be the option for you. To help you plan your route at the time of travel, we have added a new live, ‘current occupancy’ link to our car park webpage.

This shows real time information about space availability in a number of central car parks, as well as the Park and Ride sites. 

We also plan to use social media to provide this information.

You are concerned that coaches are parking for extended periods at some city centre locations and ignoring parking restrictions. This is frustrating for residents and businesses and affecting space availability.

We explained that due to essential flood mitigation and flood defence work to the North and South bank of the River Avon, there has been a change in operation of the Riverside Coach Park. Coaches can now only use this facility to drop off and pick up passengers. Coach parking has been relocated to the First Bus Weston Island depot.

We have written to all coach operators about the changes and we are undertaking mobile patrols to identify issues. This is to promote awareness and compliance with parking restrictions or take enforcement action through the issue of Penalty Charge Notices as appropriate.

We continue to receive some positive feedback about the level of customer service provided by our services

“Please pass on my thanks to the coning team for arranging the suspension of some parking spaces for a family funeral. Your probably the last people to be thanked, but you really helped to make a very difficult time slightly easier”.

“I left it late to renew my Blue Badge. Parking staff over the phone were very helpful and I used the One Stop shop to have my photo taken and left paperwork with them. I received my new badge before my old one ran out. I am so impressed by both services and wish to pass on my thanks for such a speedy turnaround.”

We are pleased to receive positive feedback and always pass this on to our colleagues. Customer Service is a key priority for us and we will continue to support and develop our teams to uphold the highest of standards as Ambassadors of the Council.

Public Transport

Local residents are unhappy about the new route of the U1 Bus service through Upper Oldfield Park. Your concerns relate to increased noise, pollution and congestion.

We explained that First Bus is responsible for this service and provided you with information to contact them to raise concerns.
We are aware that following a meeting between First Bus and local residents, the bus route is to be reviewed.

Local residents were unhappy that Bus route 379 had been withdrawn by First Bus and the impact this had on the local community.

We have looked at this and can advise that we have used some existing development funding to support a peak time bus service between Midsomer Norton and Bristol.The new service will start from November 2016.

You were inconvenienced when a bus went to the incorrect bus stop due to a temporary change and that the ‘real time information’ display board did not show this information.

We apologised for not providing up to date information on this occasion.
We advised that we would contact First Bus to ask they consider improved signage on buses when there are temporary changes.

Development Management (Planning)

The main reason for complaint continues to be disagreement with planning application decisions and handling of the planning application. 

You were disappointed by the decision of the Committee and the way in which the Committee was managed. 

Officers provide support to members at Committee and on investigation it was confirmed that this particular application had been properly managed. 

The large number of compliments for this quarter have been mainly received for the Building Control Service. At the completion of every project the team inspect, customers are sent a short questionnaire card asking about their views on the service. Currently this year 98% of the responses have stated they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service.

“Customer service was exemplary – courteous, helpful and prompt. I have rarely been served as well by any other service provider.”

Customer Services

You were unable to use the online process to report multiple cases of fly tipping.

This was an IT error we were unaware of and is being investigated by the service team and IT supplier.

You were charged for sending a text to the Council number.

The contract for this number is under investigation.

Libraries Wi-Fi access and restrictive bandwidth. 

There was a disruption with email reminders after introduction of new Library Management System.

We informed customers that reminders will be coming from a new server and may arrive in their junk folders. Where system fault was found, escalated to head of service for action.

You encountered difficulties with self-service machines.

We are making improvements to the machines.

“Lego Club brilliant. Lots of fun. My children enjoyed it tremendously”

“The Big Read was great fun and now we are regulars at the library. You’ve been a great encouragement to my son. He thought The Big Read was ‘epic’”

“We really enjoy using the mobile library in Bathampton. The staff are very friendly and helpful and it is very convenient that it is in The George car park every fortnight when the children come out of school.”

Strategy & Performance Some Energy at Home scheme complaints have been received during the last quarter.

We are working closely with contractors to resolve Energy at Home scheme complaints.

The main focus during the last quarter has been staff training to allow more efficient methods of dealing with customer feedback addressed to the Chief Executive and Leader of the Council.

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