At Bath & North East Somerset we value our customers and their feedback so we closely monitor all the compliments, comments and complaints that we receive and use the information gained to improve the services that we provide.

As part of these improvements we provide feedback to our customers on issues that have been identified as a result of the complaints received. We will highlight any service improvements that have taken place, or provide further information to clarify any issues that may have arisen as a result of any policy or legislative changes.

The last quarterly report is available for you to download below:

Quarterly customer feedback summary Oct - Dec 2017 (PDF 487KB)

If you would like this report in a different format, please contact us. Previous quarterly reports are also available at the bottom of this page.

This report gives a corporate overview of the customer feedback that has been received and responded to in the past quarter, and notes any key actions or considerations that have resulted from a high level review.

Our Service Teams, responsible for specific services delivered by the Local Authority, handle their own customers' feedback cases and provide quarterly updates on trends, issues or changes that the service is undertaking as a direct or partial result of the feedback they have received. Some of the key outcomes of that feedback are detailed below, and in the “You said / We did…” section of the quarterly summary report, compiled directly from the Customer Feedback Officers (CFOs) responsible for each service area.

Service Trends / recurring themes You said... We did...

Legal & Democratic Services

Positive feedback on The Meadows s.106

“they turned around a S106 in a matter of days, completed it today despite your usual day for signing and sealing being a Wednesday  and released a consent for us this afternoon within minutes of  the S106 completing.

… this has been a perfect example of joint working across three different organisations and one I think they can all be very proud of!”

The one complaint related to election law and so was not upheld.

People & Communities Directorate

Children & Young People

2 Complaints received during the last quarter. The complaints have been particular to the individuals involved and the responses to the complaints have reflected this.

Adult Social Care

No feedback received during this quarter via the corporate process.

Place Directorate

Development & Regeneration No feedback was received during this quarter via the corporate process.
Housing Services A number of complaints have been received about licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) during the last quarter.

Your complaints related to HMO policies and procedures, such as room sizes, and the way inspections have been handled by officers such as lateness or not turning up.

We made policies and procedures more readily available online, and advertised more.

A complaint was received about staff in the Homesearch Team.

Officers were reminded of the importance of their conduct where necessary.

We also received positive customer feedback about the standard of knowledge and professionalism of our staff.

Heritage Services & Tourism

One piece of customer feedback was received during the last quarter.

One of our visitors was dissatisfied with the online ticketing system

We will look at ways to make the process clearer for our customers

Highways & Traffic

The main feedback during this quarter was due to the implementation of two temporary road closures in Radstock. A closure of Frome Road was essential for works to be carried out at the Linden Homes development. During this, permission was granted for a temporary closure of Bath Old Road for utility works being carried out by Wales & West Utilities. We received a number of complaints from both members of the public and businesses affected in this area.

Many of the complaints we received advised us that traffic came to a standstill due to drivers not knowing where to go as an alternative route.


We implemented extra daily checks for traffic management and diversion route signage. We are now liaising extensively with contractors and developers during these types of works to ensure that inconvenience caused to members of the public is kept to a minimum.

Also this quarter, we completed a major project at the Two Headed Man junction in Marksbury. We received some complaints during the works regarding the temporary traffic signal phasing whilst these works were being carried out.

The traffic management put in place at the Two Headed Man junction during the improvement works appeared to cause queueing traffic at peak times during the day. The three-way traffic signals were used as a temporary measure whilst the old permanent signals were being replaced.

We informed complainants that unfortunately with these kinds of signals, only one arm at a time can be operated. The AM flow from Marksbury was getting priority and PM flow from Corston the same. The contractor was working six days a week 7am – 5pm which was when the light faded.  We assured the complainants that the Council had a full time presence on site overseeing the works and liaising with the operative and that we were doing all we could to limit inconvenience to members of the public.

Parks & Green Spaces

Anecdotal reports suggest that there has been a slight increase in claims for injuries incurred following trips and falls in parks – in response, the service has reviewed its site safety inspection programme and has started rolling this out across the parks’ estate.

We received a number of complaints about the condition of the pond in Victoria Park Botanic Gardens

The service has secured Cabinet approval to include repairs to the pond in the Council’s capital programme and has since put out tenders to be able to appoint a contractor to complete the works.

And requests for memorial trees and stones in parks.
There has been some good feedback from allotment holders about the support that they’ve received from the interim technical support officer.

There has also been an increase in reports of fallen and unsafe trees in the past quarter – due largely to winter weather and the Service’s adoption of the Council’s Highways’ trees contract.

Public Protection & Health Improvement Services

7 complaints were received through this process – 4 were straightforward service requests and were dealt with as such. One was not upheld (the information was available online), 2 were upheld. There were no patterns or trends.

One of our Pest Control vans had no lights working on the rear of their vehicle. Staff have been reminded to check vehicles regularly.
You told us about the link to the consultation re Air Quality being taken down early. We investigated and found this was a software problem – the consultation timeline was extended.
Transport & Parking

In Parking Services most feedback relates to individual issues or concerns. Some feedback relates to the issue of penalty charge notices which is replied to in accordance with the Parking statutory process rather than the Feedback and Complaint policy.

You were unable to find parking on a visit to Bath during the Christmas Market and left.

We explained that whilst we are unable to guarantee parking, we recognise that the City is very busy during the period of our prestigious annual Christmas Market event. We do our best to provide information about the options available and encourage people to use sustainable transport such as public transport and park and ride services wherever possible. This helps to ease congestion and air pollution for all.

We outlined the additional arrangements we had in place for example:-

  • to let people know about the event in advance
  • to use our web site and social media to provide live updates on the space availability at car parks an park and rides
  • we provided 650 additional spaces at Lansdown Park & Ride
  • increased park and ride services through this period
  • additional coach parking
  • Marshalls at car parks to help people find spaces quickly

We will also undertake a review of the event to look at how we can make further changes or improvements for next time.

We continue to receive positive feedback about the level of customer service we provide: 
“I wanted to say how courteous and helpful your Civil Enforcement Officer was at Kingsmead Square car park yesterday. I saw him assisting other people the same way. Please pass on my thanks”.

“Thank you to you and your staff for assisting with the parking suspension in order that the Keynsham Winter Festival could proceed on Friday. We are very grateful and it helped to make our event a success.”

We are pleased to receive positive feedback and always pass this on to our colleagues

Customer Service is a key priority for us. We continue to support and develop our teams to uphold the highest of standards as Ambassadors of the Council

In Passenger Transport we receive very low levels of feedback. Most feedback received is positive as the service is viewed as an important service helping people access services and facilities.

You said that school coaches were causing problems on local roads near St Gregory’s School and suggested an alternative route.

We replied to let you know these vehicles are contracted directly with St Gregory’s school and not provided by Passenger Transport, so the issue was referred to the school.

Public Transport

In Public Transport, most feedback relates to individual issues or concerns. We also receive feedback for services provided and managed by commercial bus operators and liaise with them as appropriate.

You said the number 6 & 7 bus services had become unreliable following changes made by First bus in 2016

We provided the right contact details for you to contact the bus operator and the Bus Appeals Body. This is so you can raise concerns directly as these services are commercial operations and not controlled by the Council.

Development Management (Planning)

There was a slight rise in the number of complaints this quarter. However, the main reason for complaint continues to be disagreement with planning application decisions and officer handling of planning applications, there were also several complaints in respect of planning enforcement cases. Two stage 2 requests received but neither warranted further investigation.  30 compliments were received.

One of the complaints received involved the issuing of a planning application decision incorrectly, issuing of decisions are undertaken manually and there is not a means, at present, of automating this.  When undertaking a manual process it is impossible to completely eliminate human error. The Local Authority has a three stage manual checking process in place for applications such as this. The department determines nearly 4000 applications each year and errors such as this are very rare.

We have revisited the sign off process with all those involved and raised awareness of the need to be vigilant for potential errors. We will also continue to look into whether our IT systems may be upgraded in future to avoid the possibility of this happening.

Resources Directorate

Business Support
No feedback was received during this quarter via the corporate process.


Customer Services

Number of complaints about Council Connect. This coincided with the changes to waste collection and meant the team was very busy for a period.

A complaint was received about the attitude of a member of Council Connect team.

Line manager looking at the training for Council Connect team members.

A number of complaints were received about Council Tax collection/enforcement.
Business Continuity & emergency Planning

No feedback was received during this quarter via the corporate process.

Strategy & Performance

One complaint was received during the last quarter. The issue was specific to the customer and the response reflected this.

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