The checklist is required for submission with all *Major planning applications for residential, mixed use, commercial, retail, community or leisure uses.  Please complete and submit as part of your planning application. (*Major applications are developments of 10 or more dwellings, residential sites of 0.5 ha or more, and other buildings with a floor space of 1,000m sq or on sites of 1 ha or more, and all waste applications).

Please note - there was a recent consultation on the draft Sustainable Construction Checklist Supplementary Planning Policy Document (SPD).  Update Sept 2018: The consultation on the Sustainable Construction SPD Checklist has now closed. The SPD is being revised to take account of the comments received and will be presented for adoption in October. The SPD will be implemented immediately following adoption. Current applicants have the choice of using the old Checklist, found in the section at the right of the page, or the draft Sustainable Construction Checklist SPD at the link below. Whilst the new requirements in the SPD will not come into force until the SPD is adopted, we would encourage applicants to use the reporting formats in the draft SPD instead of the old Sustainable Construction Checklist which is now out of date. For full details, the consultation page is below:

** During the consultation period applicants should refer to, or complete, the Draft Sustainable Construction Checklist Supplementary Planning Document - A MS Word version is available via this link for easy of completionProposals in District Heating areas can also refer to Heat Networks Guidance Note. Whilst the SPD is subject to change following consultation, it contains important guidance on the policies in the adopted Placemaking Plan. The SPD will come into effect immediately upon adoption. **

The Sustainable Construction Checklist is designed to:

Help planning applicants demonstrate compliance with the following Council policies:

  • Sustainable Construction & Retrofitting Supplementary Planning Document
  • Core Strategy policies CP1 (Retrofitting) and CP2 (Sustainable Construction)
  • Retained Local Plan policies ES2, D2, D4, NE8-12, NE14, NE15 and T3-7
  • Core Policies CP6 (Nature Conservation) and CP7 (Green Infrastructure) and the Council’s Green Infrastructure (GI) Strategy 2013

The Sustainable Construction Checklist should be completed using the Council’s Sustainable Construction & Retrofitting Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to guide the sustainable design of your development right from the start. It will demonstrate to the Council which sustainable construction principles have been considered and implemented in your development proposals for both new build and refurbishment of existing buildings. The SPD also includes a list of useful web links; has a glossary of selected terms used in the Checklist and will explain some of the principles contained in the questions in more detail. Please also refer to the Core Strategy and retained local Plan policies related to sustainable construction. These are detailed above and links to them are included at the end of the checklist and below. There are also a number of other informative websites listed below related to low carbon development.

Bath & NE Somerset:

Sustainable Construction & Retrofitting SPD

Core Strategy

Local Plan

Green Infrastructure Strategy

Council Building Control

West of England Joint Waste Core Strategy

Design Council

Building for Life 12

Energy Saving Trust provides advice on energy efficiency and conservation to home owners and small businesses.

Centre for Sustainable Energy for innovative ideas on reducing energy consumption.

Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) assesses energy consumption of buildings for home owners and small businesses.

The Carbon Trust promotes non-carbon technology in both private and public sector.

Regen SW provides advice specific to the region

Contact details

Send comments or suggestions about this Checklist and the Council’s Sustainable Construction & Retrofitting Supplementary Planning Document by e-mail to: or call 01225 477427.


Last updated: 13 September 2018

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