As the food business operator of the establishment, if you make the improvements to hygiene standards that are highlighted in your inspection report, you can request a rescoring visit with a view to giving you a new and higher food hygiene rating within just one month. This will be delivered in accordance with Section 8 of the Brand Standard. 

There is a charge of £175 to cover the cost of carrying out the re-scoring visit for re-rating purposes. 

There is no limit to the number of re-scoring visits you may request. However, to avoid paying for multiple revisits you should address matters on the report before you submit a request. An unannounced visit will be made within one month of receipt of your application.

Before the visit, you will receive a telephone call from an officer of the food team to all of the works you have completed. Once you have been visited, you will have the benefit of a new food hygiene rating score that will stay in place until your next scheduled inspection.

Let us remind you that the rescore visit will review your entire systems; if new issues arise, this could affect your scoring. If you are having difficulty completing certain works, you can arrange with the officer for the visit to be carried out at a later date.

Following a re-visit for re-rating purposes the officer will generate a new date for when the next routine inspection is due. Your new score will be displayed on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Website within 7 working days.

To make a request for a re-visit, please complete the on-line application form on this page, ensuring you understand the terms and conditions, and press submit.

You can request an unpaid re-scoring visit; however, this is subject to a minimum period of 3 months passing after your inspection. For more information on how to apply for an unpaid visit, please consult the Food Standards Agency’s guidance.

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